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    two bridesmaids dresses and shoes!

    Here's what my girls are wearing. These are the two bridesmaids dresses. Varee, Charissa, and Brittany are wearing the ones on the left and Kristen, Coleen, and Ayrelle are wearing the one on the right. And I will have them all wearing low top converse. They will be stunning


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Does davids bridal carry little bolero jackets for bridesmaids with the same material and color of thier dress?

i think the jackets would be cute

Apparently they currently have them in 20 different colors

http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Crop ped-Satin-Bolero-83968_Accessories-Sashe s-and-Coverage-Options-Coverage-Options

Yes: http://www.davidsbridal.com/Browse_Acces sories-Sashes-and-Coverage-Options-Cover age-Options

I am having a black and white wedding, and thinking of using these for my maids: http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_3-4- Sleeve-Satin-Ruffle-Trimmed-Bolero-Jacke t-F44128_Accessories-Sashes-and-Coverage -Options-Coverage-Options

Tennessee Orange Bridesmaid Dress?

My sister has just told me that she and her fiancé have decided to have a Tennessee Orange (like the football team) themed wedding. Does anyone know where I could find a bridesmaid dress in that... unusual... of a color dress near Atlanta, GA? I have

If you have a David's Bridal nearby, I recommend that you go see the Tangerine color in person. I actually tried on a dress in that color (it was pretty bright) and I absolutely adored it. The colors on their website are all off - my SIL picked "rose petal" as her color, and I thought it would be this horribly pale shade. I just picked

Oh, my goodness. That is the brightest, orangiest orange in existence. Try your best to talk her out of that foolish notion. Tell her to order a Tennessee groom's cake or something. That is not going to be a pretty wedding otherwise.

If she insists on doing that, I think you will have to go to a fabric store in Tennesse to find fabric

Is it too much for a bride to ask her bridesmaids to buy a $100 dollar dress?

My sister is getting married in June and she picked out bridesmaids dresses for all of her bridesmaids including me from David's Bridal and they are all 99$ plus tax and shipping which is actually closer to $120.
We are not rich, we all had a hard

Only if they(the Brides maid) are picking it out, would it be considerable

If you purchase all your wedding party's apparel at David's Bridal, do you get some kind of discount?

I've found my wedding dress, as well as my bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dress at David's Bridal. We're also getting our men's tuxedos and ring bearer outfit from their partner company, Men's Warehouse. If you are registered through David's Bridal,

How to get a prom dress for less

Prom may be the best night ever for high school students, but for their parents, it promises to be one of the most expensive nights ever.

In recent years, the cost of prom has been increasing more than 30 percent each year, according to some estimates. A Visa study found prom costs for 2013 averaging $1,203 per person in the South Atlantic region. If the trend continues, this year prom expenses could run just over $1,500.

A big part of that expense is the dress. In the metro area, girls began shopping for dresses in December. Depending on the style, prom dresses can cost several hundred dollars. For many girls and their parents, it is a splurge they don’t mind making, but as Melissa Baxter, owner of Back By Popular Demand/Forever Young consignment stores, points out, few things lose value faster than a prom dress.

“If you bring me a dress you paid $900 for, I am going to sell it for $350 at the most, which means you get half of that,” Baxter says.

Baxter’s prom business grew so quickly, she began buying dresses wholesale to supplement her consignment inventory. With thousands of dresses priced from $49 to $299, the store has become such a resource, Baxter had to institute a five-dress rule — on any given visit, a girl (and her entourage) can select only five dresses to try on. The rule, she says, is to make sure the girl is focusing on what she really wants, not what everyone else wants her to wear.

Brides aim for blogworthy gowns

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something askew. That's today's twist on bridal style.

"Mismatched elegance is the name of the game," said Abby Larson, editor and founder of the bridal site StyleMePretty.com. "(Think) bridesmaids in a variety of hues or cuts; a rich layered look where different but cohesive centerpieces grace tables; food is innovative; details are unique and handcrafted; and the entire wedding really feels like an extension of the personality of the couple." 

That desire for texture translates to bridal attire, Larson said.

"Simple silhouettes are updated with stunning fabric work, layers of soft, lightweight fabric and an underlying flirty vibe," she said. "Bridesmaids are often given much more liberty to dress themselves, with either a designer, a color palette or a style in hand. Grooms are all about the classic but modern touch — sleek and styled tuxes, gorgeous tailored black suits and a general nod to tradition, though styled to the 'right now.'"

Local woman's dresses featured in show

Mrs. Deal has had a bridal collection each year since 2011. Her gowns are sold through magazines, wedding blogs, her website— www.whitneydeal.com —and stores in Newport, R.I., Cooksville, Tenn. and Pittsburgh, Penn.

She makes the gowns in Wilkes and ships them to customers.

Mrs. Deal is a 2003 graduate of Wilkes Central High School and a 2007 graduate of N.C. State University. She is also a 2011 graduate of Parsons New School of Design in New York City. She is married to Dustin Deal and they have a one and half year old daughter, Glory Maeve. Mrs. Deal is the daughter of Gloria and David Mastin of Wilkesboro.

(The article below originally ran in the Spring 2014 issue of Charleston Weddings (www.CharlestonWeddingsMag.com).

Whitney Deal, who lives in rural Wilkesboro, first came onto our radar a few years ago as a finalist in our Emerging Bridal Designer Competition.

Back then, she caught our eye with her delicate bridal and bridesmaids gowns that harken back to garden weddings from the earlier part of the 20th Century, yet still seem to manage to seem as fresh and clean as a new day.

David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal specializes in Wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses.  David’s Bridal, the largest bridal shop chain in America, is located at 535 N 98th St in Omaha. These dresses are offered for half the price if not more than retailed value which makes David’s Bridal appealing to those with a small budget.